Uber Trooper patrolling and driving on the streets of Singapore.
I have read a lot on social media about the problems and issues that drivers have. Some of the drivers also feel that they are shortchanged by Uber.  On the flip side, passengers have also voiced their unhappiness when taking Uber.

After reading all these issues and unhappiness that drivers and passengers have, I finally (after much procrastination) got on my ass to share my experience driving for Uber in Singapore Whenever possible, I will also give tips on how to increase your earnings as a drive
I will also offer suggestions on how to make your Uber trips pleasant for both drivers and passengers.

Some of my views may be controversial and may not be agreeable to some. Also, let me be clear that some of my deductions are based on my personal experience driving for Uber in Singapore. These deductions are not based by hard data as I do not know Uber's algorithm.

I am not a data scientist but would love to conduct a simple experiment. This will involve about 100 drivers participating for 6 - 8 weeks. They can remain anonymous. They just have to share information such as weekly driving hours, weekly earnings, cash king targets, number of weekly trips. With a collection of these data from a sizeable participating drivers, we can collate and get some sort of insights on how Uber' algorithm works. Thus, we are able to make some predictions and plan our weekly driving strategies. If any of you drivers in Singapore are interested,drop me a mail at admin@uber-trooper.com .

In addition, I am always thinking of ways on how the Uber app can be improved for the benefit of drivers and passengers. I am still waiting to have an audience with the Uber team to share some ideas and the grievances faced by Uber drivers in Singapore.