When I first started driving Uber in Singaporer, I was basically driving “blind”, I did not have a mentor or Whatsapp group or Facebook group. Most of the things like driving strategy, dealing with riders, handing the  customer service officers were through trial and error. It was a steep lerning curve and ardous process. After a few months, I managed to fine tune the process. I would not say that I have perfected it.

My motivation to start this is to help other drivers and and hopefully able to  assist them to maximize their income from driving. It is also to share with riders and drivers how they can make their rides pleasant for everyone. I try to stay clear of topics that have been discussed/posted to death such as child seat, “cheapo” passengers, low incentives.

One thing that I am very keen is to crack how Uber’s algorithm works. This would be things like how they calcuate fares, structure their incentives, assign pings and the ever mysterious way UberPool rides are calculated. I see some patterns but cannot conclusively prove them without any statistical data. Hopefully one day, I can get enough drivers to participate in this project.

Thank you for reading my blog. My views and thoughts may not always be right. I welcome any comments, feedback and suggestions from you. If there is a topic that you like to explore, just drop me a line here.

Best Regards,

Uber Trooper