2-Star Rating For Gojek Driver App

24 May 2019


Much to the anticipation of drivers and riders, Gojek entered the Singapore market in late -2018. Finally, a void that is left after the Grab-Uber partnership is filled by a major organization.

For a period, both drivers and riders were lamenting about the lack of choices and competition in the ride-hailing market in Singapore. There wasn’t an alternative that could challenge the dominant player. 

Drivers had high hope when Gojek started operations. Given that the beta app was launched, drivers were more understanding and forgiving for any shortcomings or lack of features on the app. 

Being a decacorn and boasting a team of highly competent tech team, you would expect Gojek to iron out all the kinks and improve the driver app. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. Improvements in the app has been trickling at a snail’s pace.


 To date, below are the improvements that are made:   

  • Button to stop receiving jobs
  • Jobs cancelled by riders do not affect Performance rating
  • “I have arrived” button
  • Mobile number masking

 To be honest, these should have been standard features in the beta. Surely it does not such a long time to add these features. Below are what needs to be improved.



This is the area that needs the most improvement. For certain areas, Gojek still uses a linear mapping, ie a straight line from Point A to Point B. Look at the pictures below.

Private Hire Driver Singapore. Gojek, Grab, Tada

Linear mapping in Gojek app



This creates a myriad of problems. Firstly, drivers may be assigned jobs that are further away since getting to the pick-up location is not straight forward. Time and petrol are also wasted due to further pick-up. 

Due to the longer time taken to reach the pick-up location, orders sometimes get cancelled when drivers are on the way. 

There is also a possibility that because of the linear mapping, the fare calculated may be lower than what it should have been with the actual distance travelled.  

Gojek’s mapping is also not accurate when it is integrated on Google Map. This will result in Google Map showing you a pick-up point which is in the middle of the expressway.

Also, if you noticed, Gojek tends to place a pin in the middle of the building instead of the pick-up/drop-off (PUDO) area. For example, for NEX or Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, the pin is in the middle of the building and Google Map will lead you to the back of building instead of the designated PUDO. 



For drivers that are going for incentives, they are at the mercy of riders. Some riders take their own sweet time because there are no waiting charges. Drivers have to suck it up and wait for the riders because they cannot cancel the booking as it may affect their Performance rating. (They could call customer service to cancel the booking but this would mean wasting time on the telephone) 

Worse if the passenger does not show up. Driver does not get anything for his effort as there is no cancellation fee. (Tip : Try emailing to Gojek and they might credit the cancellation fee to you) 


Earnings Page  

Trip Fare 

Trying to figure out how much you earn from a trip is like solving a murder mystery. Fares by credit card payments are after commission. Fares paid by cash are gross. For riders using promo codes, drivers only get to see the discounted fare and does not know how much the discount is.  

The only way to check is to go to Transaction History. Then, they have to manually calculate the fee based on what is debited and credited. 

There should be page where driver can see exactly how much they earn for a trip, indicating fare, ERP charges and other chargers/tips. 

Daily and Weekly Earnings  

Things get worse if you try to track your daily or weekly earnings.  All your daily earnings information will be refreshed at 1 a.m. daily. The only way for you to keep a record of your daily earning is to take a screenshot or write it down somewhere (Seriously?!)  

So if you have a trip that starts at 12.45 a.m. and ends at 1.05 a.m., and you did not have time to take a screenshot of your earnings before that, there is no screen for you to check what is your daily earnings.  

 eedless to say, there is no page for you to see how much you have earned for the week. You just have to manually calculate them from your daily screenshots.  



This is the hot potato amongst drivers. Most times, the fares are ridiculously low *. For example, In the morning peak hour, fares to CBD from Ang Mo Kio is about $13 – $16 gross usually. We all know that traffic will be slow at CTE and Havelock Road during this time. This trip will take at least 35 to 40 minutes (including picking up and waiting for the rider). After Gojek commission, the earning for the trip is quite miserable. And not forgetting that drivers have to drive out of CBD to case for the next booking! 

 If Gojek intends to stay in Singapore for the long haul, then it seriously needs to relook at its pricing algorithm. If drivers were to purely depend on the fares alone without any incentives, it will be unsustainable for them to have a decent earning after deducting for car rental and petrol.  

Here is a challenge for Gojek. Take away all incentives for one week and see how many drivers will continue driving for them.   

* Granted that sometimes during evening peak and late night on Fridays, the fares are comparable to its competitor.  



It has been reported that some drivers have problems receiving pings for one hour or even up to two hours. This results in aimless driving and loss of income for drivers. They have  to call Gojek support to reset their app. The they are advised to clear reset their mobile phone, clear the cache and reset their phone. This is utterly a waste of time. 

 Tip : Before you start driving, clear your cache for Gojek Driver app and your navigation map app (Goggle Map, Waze). “Force Stop” the Gojek driver app. This might help.



 Some passengers have highlighted that on the rider app, it indicates that the driver is still far away although the driver is almost reaching. This could be the reason why some riders are not at pick-up point or are surprised that the driver has arrived. 

 Tip : Upon accepting a booking, it is best for driver to send a message to tell the rider the indicative arrival time.



It is a hassle having to prepare different denominations of coins. Gojek should follow suit with Grab and Tada in rounding up the fees to the nearest dollar.It saves time also as riders do not have to dig for coins when paying. 

Destination trips would be helpful to drivers who are finishing their shifts.



 It is time for the app engineers in Gojek to pull up their socks. They should stop using the excuse that their app is still in beta. There is enough data and feedback for them to improve the app. And they have to make this improvements rapidly.  

Gojek should take the cue from the team at TADA. They have a Telegram channel to gather feedback from drivers. They act quickly based on the feedback given. They usually take less than a week to add or improve a feature in the app.   

Until improvements are made, the Gojek Driver app deserve a 2-star rating for now. With all the talent in their tech team, we can only hope that they will roll out a far superior app.  

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