Just like any other job, Uber drivers in Singapore face the same challenges such as rising competition, increasing cost and unreasonable clients. Despite all this, it is the little things that can brighten a driver’s day and make the ride more pleasant.

1. Be punctual (especially during peak hours).
The reasons why your driver may take a long time to be at the pick-up location are adverse traffic condition, address shown on their app is inaccurate or the navigation maps brings them to wrong location/longer route.

Most drivers will strive to reach the pick-up location as fast as they can. It boils down to economics. The faster they pick-up the passenger, the faster they can complete the trip. They can then be in queue for the next available trip. Hence, they can earn more from doing more trips and achieve their incentive target. In addition, some drivers rent their vehicles on an hourly basis. It does not make sense for them to intentionally arrive late to the pick-up location.

There is also this fear that drivers dread most if they arrive late to the pick-up location – RIDER CANCELLATION.

As Uber drivers endeavour to reach the pick-up location as fast as they can, they appreciate passengers who are punctual. Passengers have to understand that sometimes, drivers cannot wait long at the pick-up location eg, office or shopping malls pick up locations. They will either be chased away by the security guards or being horned at by the cars behind.
We all clear that the reason why drivers are driving for Uber is for the financial benefit. Peak hours are the windows of opportunities for drivers to boost their earnings. Nothing irks a driver more than passengers who are not punctual during peak hours as it lessens the opportunity for drivers to do more trips during peak hours.

2. Do not let your kids walk on the seat.
Some parents allow their toddlers to walk on the car seat with their shoes on.
Firstly, for the safety of the child, he should be seated with the seat belt fastened.
Secondly, please be considerate for the hygiene and benefit of other passengers,
Thirdly, the poor driver has to clean up the shoe marks on the seat.

3. Ask before you meddle with anything on the car
How would you feel if your client comes to your office and start rearranging your family photos on your desk or change the position of your laptop without asking you first? I reckon you will not be too pleased.

Likewise, for Uber drivers, our car is our mobile office. We try to make the ride as pleasant as possible for both rider and driver. However, we do understand that sometimes, the air-conditioning may be too cold or too hot or the sound level in the radio is too high for your liking. We are perfectly fine to adjust to what makes you feel comfortable. But please, do not fiddle with the air-con or radio without asking. It just shows a lack of respect and courtesy.

4. When reaching drop-off location, a little guidance will be nice.
Drivers depend on navigation maps (Google Maps or Waze) for directions.
As we all have experienced, sometimes these maps are not so accurate.
If the rider’s drop off is their home, it is an area that they are familiar with.
For HDB blocks, once you enter the carpark gantry, sometimes there are no directional signs at the carpark or the block number is not easily seen. Likewise, for condominiums, drivers may not see the directional signs once they pass the guard house, especially at night.

Rather than just keeping silent and expect drivers to follow the pin on the navigation map (which may not be accurate), drivers appreciate some guidance from riders so that they don’t have to figure out where the exact drop-off location is.

5. Please change your clothes.
I have picked up passengers at stadiums, futsal courts and cricket pitches. Most of these passengers come in the car without changing their sporting gear. Can you imagine the sweat stench when they are in the car? Not to mention the preparation that they left on the car seat. The worst was picking up the cricket players who didn’t change their clothes after the game. Only noticed their muddied trousers when they left the vehicle.

Spare a thought for the driver who had to clean your mess and deodorize the car for the comfort of the next passenger.

6. Do not set pick up location at bus stops or busy roads
For obvious reasons, it is for your own and other road users’ safety. It is also not to inconvenience other vehicles. In addition, some bus stops have traffic enforcement cameras or yellow/red lane which means that drivers are liable to get fined with demerit points, if they stop to pick up passengers.

7. When making multiple stops, please don’t say it is along the way.
If you have multiple stops, please key in the first location and upon reaching the destination, change the location in your app. Drivers don’t like to second guess where you are going. Also, to you it may be along the way but with upfront pricing set by Uber, the detour may not be captured in the final fare.

Politeness sets the tone for the ride. Drivers truly appreciate riders who says, “Thank you for coming to pick us up.”

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