For all Uber riders and drivers in Singapore, there is a 2-way rating system where riders and drivers can rate each other.

Lets see how useful are these rating. Before we continue any further, please not this important point.  All drivers must rate their riders after each trip. For riders, it is optional whether they want to leave a rating for their drivers.  I will share why this is important later.

From Drivers’ Perspective

When a driver accepts a ping,  generally his/her natural thought process will be to see where is the pick-up location,  is there a surge pricing, is it UberPool or UberX  booking,  how far and how to to get to the pick-up location.  The rider’s ratings is usually one of the last things that drivers look at.

Drivers will only look at ratings if they have time (non-busy period), stuck in traffic on the way to the pick-up location or if the pick-up location are in “suspect” areas.  Other than that, drivers will just accept the ping and head to the pick-up location. Drivers usually won’t cancel the booing unless they notice that the rider’s rating is suspiciously low eg. below 4.

From Riders’ Perspective

There isn’t any hard or anecdotal evidence but I feel that rider’s will not cancel any booking if the driver does not have a high rating.  To riders, what is important is the fare for the ride. If they feel that they fare is reasonable, they will not cancel.

Riders will only cancel if they find a cheaper alternative or the arrival of the ride is too long.

How Accurate Are The Ratings?

Driver’s Rating

This brings us to the important point I made at the beginning, for riders it is optional for them to leave a rating for their drivers. From experience, less than 50% of riders actually rate their trip. They just can’t be bothered to leave a rating unless the trip was exceptional or they are not happy with the ride such as condition of the car, the driver was rude or poor route taken.

5 Star Uber Trooper Singapore

Driver’s Rating For Uber Trooper Singapore

Now this is where the fun begins for Driver’s Rating. For your information, driver’s ratings is calculated by  Total of all your ratings / Total number of ratings.

For illustration, we have Joe, a top notch Uber driver and he did 50 trips.  Below are 2 scenarios. Scenario 1 is all his riders rated him. Scenario 2 is only 12 out of his 50 riders rated their rides.

Uber trooper Singapore All Rides Rated

Scenario 1 : All trips are rated by riders

Uber Trooper Singapore 12 rides rated

Scenario 2 : Only 12 rides are rated

As you can see, Joe is a very good Uber driver-partner with a rating of 4.8 if all his rides are rated. However, his ratings lowered when only some of his rides are rated.  So as you can see, sometimes, driver’s rating might not be a true reflection.

(I must add that mathematically, if he only had one 1-Star rating, his ratings will increase over time as more riders leave higher ratings)

Rider’s Rating

On the other hand, for riders, since drivers have to rate them after every trip, their ratings are fairly accurate.  After every trip, if there are no incidents between the driver and the rider, drivers will generally give the rider a 5 Star rating and move on to their next trip. There is no incentive/motivation  for the driver to give you a 1-Star rating unless you are rude or unreasonable.

So there you have it. If you have a low rider’s ratings, it is time for some self-reflection. So many drivers can’t be wrong in giving you low ratings. You can read my post about  7 Things Uber Drivers Appreciate to help you improve your ratings.

Best Comment I Have Seen

To end off, I like to share the best comment given to a fellow Uber Trooper. It goes to show
that drivers go beyond their call of duty of ferrying you from one location to another.

Uber Trooper Singapore Best Comment

Best Comment Received by fellow Uber Trooper. Credits to Salem

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