Throughout my experience driving Uber in Singapore, I had my fair share of rude riders, polite passengers, good conversationalists and the drunkards that would not shut up. Drivers just have to accept that they will meet passengers with different characters. Let me share about 3 of my trips on how boyfriends treat their partners.

Uber Trooper Singapore - Boyfriends' Behaviour

Uber Trooper Singapore : Tale Of 3 Boyfriends

The Bodyguard Boyfriend

It was a Sunday around midnight and I was finishing up for the day. Picked up this couple from Plaza Singapura. I started the trip and saw the destination is Woodlands! First thing that came to my mind was, oh great! It will be a long and lonely ride home for me after I dropped them at Woodlands.

After dropping them off at the destination, I was prepared for loud music blasting from my radio to accompany me home. Then a ping came in. It was the same guy that I dropped off 2 minutes earlier.

He walked his girlfriend up to her house to ensure she reached home safely. Now, he was heading home to Pasir Ris. I salute and my respect to him for being a gentleman. From Orchard to Woodlands and then to Pasir Ris. His total fare was close to $50. (I was doubly happy because Pasir Ris is nearer to my home than Woodlands)

The Obedient Boy

Again, it was around midnight on a Saturday. Picked a rider at Robertson Quay. He is about 20 – 22 years old and he looked very normal and sober when he got in the car. Shortly after driving off, he asked me if I had any water in the car. i told him that I only had a new bottle of Milo and he offered it to him. He said it was ok and then called someone on his mobile.

From the snippets of his conversation that I could hear, he was just having a few drinks with mates after his part-time job. Then the girlfriend called and was not happy about this.

Then he uttered this killer line, “The moment you said that you were not happy, I quickly told my friends i had to go and immediately booked an Uber. Less than 7 minutes and I am already in the car.”


After that it seemed that his girlfriend was still nagging or unhappy with him. Then he said he could not talk now and would call when he reached home. He felt like throwing up.

Whaaattt!!!!……That was when my antenna was on high alert. He asked me whether can he get down the car. We were on the PIE, I can’t drop him here. I wound down the windows and gave him 2 plastic bags. Drove about 70km/h and did my best to minimize braking and acceleration.

Thankfully we reached his home without any incident. Phew!

Coincidentally, this gentleman is also staying at Pasir Ris.

The Massage Boy

It was a slow night around 1 a.m on Monday at Sengkang. Wanted to go offline as I knew most of the fares would be low in that area around that time. Then a ping came in. When I arrived, the guy was hugging and kissing his girlfriend (or so I thought) . From what i saw from a distance, the girlfriend looked quite pretty. He hopped into the car  off we went. He spoke with an accent and I found out he is ABC.

When I started the trip, to my delight, he was heading to Holland Road! i was going to stay over at my girlfriend’s house, which is around that area. Yesssss! All is good!

5 minutes into the journey, he asked me if I knew of any massage parlours that are open at that time which was along the way. I said there may be some that are open along Upper Serangoon or Serangoon Road. Then he asked, are the masseuse female? From then, I could gather what he had in mind already. He asked me to stop the trip on the app and he would pay me $20 cash to bring me to the massage place.

I have to add that we drivers are not your moral police. I told him I would drop him to a massage place around Jalan Besar. Then he started googling on his mobile. He kept asking me are you sure there are massage parlours in Jalan Besar, is it nearby, it is good etc… i said I have never been there so I can’t comment.  One thing for sure is I know they are open.

After a while, I thought Jalan Besar may not be a good place for him because he could not speak Mandarin and may have problems communicating. Or worse, they might try to rip him off. So I told him I will take him to Orchard Plaza instead. Again he started googling and throughout the journey he kept asking the same annoying questions over and over. He said that he had stayed near Somerset for 2 months and have never seen any massage parlour before, Kept asking me am I sure there are massage parlours there, yadda yadda yadda….

We were reaching Orchard Point and I could’t take his nonsense anymore. I just told him, “Fuck you! Can you shut the fuck up? I am going to drop you off in 50 metres and you can explore in the building yourself.”

After I dropped him, I was thinking, he just left his girlfriend and immediately he was up to his monkey business. *tsk tsk*

Not All Monkeys Are The Same

So there you have it. 3 boyfriends and how they treated their girlfriends. In this instance, the result is Local Boyfriend 2 : Foreign Boyfriend 1

(Result is not representative and inconclusive due to small sample size)

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