With the news that broke today , 26 March 2017, this post may be a little too late. It is a sad day indeed 😥 Nevertheless, I will share it with you guys. At this juncture, I would like to add, despite in the shortcomings in the Uber app, the app is far more superior that its current competitor, in terms of technology, innovation and support.

The Call
A few weeks ago, I received a call from Uber asking how was my driving experience so far and if i have any ideas, suggestions and feedback for them. Boy! I do have a lot to tell them but they caught me in a bad timing and I could’t talk long. So there were some things that I didn’t manage to say. Below are some things that I said Uber should look at :

1) Cancelled Trips Should Be Countered For Quest
Cancelled trips where $6 cancellation fee is charged should be considered in the trip count for Quest.
The logic is simple:

  • Driver already made the attempt to be at pick-up destination and trip was cancelled not due to their fault
  • Uber gets a commission from the cancellation fee
  • Some trips are even less than $6 and is counted in the trip count for Quest

2) Pick-Up Distance
Pick-up locations that are between 5km to 8km was happening quite frequently at one point of time. Although the frequency has decreased recently, Uber should re-look on how the app assign jobs.

3) UberPool Pricing
Most of the time, drivers are clueless on how the pricing for UberPool works. For matched pool trips, how Uber calculates the total fare for riders is not transparent. Uber commission can range from 10% to 30% (up to 40% sometimes from what I have heard). Generally, for pool rides, the way Uber calculates the final fare for drivers is that for the same distance travelled, the total fare for the UberPool rides will be comparable to what the driver will get for and UberX/Flash trip for the same distance.

To illustrate, lets say for a 10km trip, the fare is $10 ($8 after 20% commission) for UberX/Flash. Now for matched UberPool trip with total distance of 10km, Rider A pays $8.50 and Rider B pays $8.50. The total that Uber gets is $17. However, Uber only pay out to driver $15 ($10.50 after 30% commission).

There is a certain amount that Uber arbitrage. Their basis for this is, for the same 10km ride, for Uberpool rides, drivers are getting more as compared to UberX/Flash ride. This is true but it is unfair practice by Uber.  To be fully fair and transparent. for matched UberPool trips, drivers should get the full amount less 30% Uber commissions.

(If you want to test this out, ask the passengers what is the fare that they paid after their trips. These trips have to be in non-Boost areas as riders don’t pay for Boost. I have to add disclaimer though, when there is high surge, I noticed the calculation method changes. )

Things I Didn’t Manage To Say

  • Instead of just giving stars for passenger ratings, drivers should be able to write comments. These comments will then be visible to the riders. In this way, pleasant riders will be happy to read about the compliments that they get from their drivers. Conversely, riders with low ratings will know the reasons and the areas that they can improve to make the rides enjoyable for both drivers and themselves
  • Remove Current Location on riders’ app when they make a booking. Due to GPS locating approximate position when using this function, this has caused a lot of issues when picking up passengers.

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