Most of us has experienced how frustrating it is dealing with the CSO from Uber.
Their unhelpful, standard template and robotic answers just increases your blood pressure.
It does not help when you have a gut feeling that they CSOs do not have any driving experience. Thus, they don’t seem to understand the difficulties Uber drivers faced on the roads. Below is one of my experience dealing with them.

Carpark with no grace period
The pick-up location was in a carpark of a commercial building. When I reached the carpark, there is a sign that said “No Grace Period” at the gantry and it has a per entry charge. After I completed the trip, I wrote it so say that it is only fair that the I am compensated for the carpark fee. At that point of time, there was no way for me to know that there is no grace period until I reached the gantry. There were also 3 other cars behind me, queuing to get into the carpark, hence I could not reverse out. I explained all that to the CSO.

Their reply was Uber will only reimburse parking if my rider agree to pay for it and the CSO asked me do I have this agreement with the rider. I replied back how does she suggest I have an agreement with the rider and again she gave me a robotic answer again. At this point, I knew that it was pointless arguing. Just see my comment in the screen shot. Silence after that.

I am sure my fellow drivers out there have their own interesting stories with Uber CSOs.
Feel free to share!

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