I was doing my research for my next blog “Uberpool or Uber Fool” when I came across something interesting on Uber Singapore’s website. Before I go any further, for the benefit of all drivers, below is how Uber calculates a fare. (This is for UberX only)

Uber X Fare Calculator - Uber trooper

UberX fare calculator for Singapore

Alarm Bells

A couple of personal experiences triggered the alarm bells.

Uber Trooper Singapore

What Uber Riders Pay May Not Be What Uber Drivers Earn

  1.  Once I took a matched UberPool trip from Duxton and Club Street. Both were going to Yishun. There was a surge of between 1.3x – 1.5x. Both paid by cash and the fare was about $20 each (before Uber’s 20% commission). {edit 29/4/17 : it should be 30% before Uber’s commission. I was sleepy when I first wrote this}  On another day, I took another matched UberPool trip from roughly the same area to Yishun, with similar surge pricing. Both payments were by card and my total fare is only about $26 (before Uber’s 20% commission) {edit 29/4/17 : it should be before  30% Uber’s commission}
  2. I had a passenger before was curious to know how much do drivers get from the fare. She said that from her fare of $18, how much would I get? After her trip, I checked my fare and it was only $16.
  3. Drivers, have you ever wondered with all the technology that Uber has and with riders knowing their fares in advance, why does it takes a couple of minutes for you to check the fare in your driver app after you have ended our trip?(to be fair, maybe the system is calculating,whether there was a wide deviation in the actual mileage travelled)
  4. Recently i came across this article . In summary, it said  , “When a rider uses Uber’s app to hail a ride, the fare the app immediately shows to the passenger is based on a slower and longer route compared to the one displayed to the driver. The software displays a quicker, shorter route for the driver. But the rider pays the higher fee, and the driver’s commission is paid from the cheaper, faster route…”

The Digging Starts

So I started to search Uber Singapore’s website on their T & C and fare calculation and I came across this with regards to upfront pricing.

Uber Trooper Singapore - Upfront Pricing

Uber’s Policy on Upfront Pricing

The key thing to note here is ,“…the amount that the rider pays for a trip will not always be the same as the amount that you take home…”

This solves one puzzle. Whenever you write in to CSO for fare adjustments, ERP toll, Sentosa entrance fee, etc… I always wondered where this money come from as they don’t  ask from the rider. Now you know where the secret treasure chest is!

So now as drivers, we are being shortchanged.  Uber says that drivers are its partners as it values the partnership. Certainly, this is not a way to treat your partner!

My grouse with Uber is that they have not been very transparent with their fare calculations. In the trip history, why can’t they break down the fare to indicate the normal fare, surge multiplier and amount, the boost multiplier and amount? It does not require a lot of coding to reconfigure this in the driver app. I have been searching the internet on how UberPool’s pricing formula. If you find it please drop me a line here

To end this, if possible, after you finished your trip, for your passengers that are paying by card, ask them what was their fare. Then check the amount against your trip history. Is there a difference?

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