What Is UberCLUB


Uber In Singapore launched UberCLUB,  a new incentive scheme for their drivers, stating on 4 September 2017. There is 2 components to the scheme, Firstly, based on your Lifetime Trips, ie, how many trips you have made in total, you will be classified as either  Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum driver. The second component is the Net Earnings Guarantee for 100 or 125 trips for the various driver classifications.

Uber Trooper Singapore - UberCLUB scheme

Uber Trooper Singapore – UberCLUB scheme

I find this an interesting scheme because it allows drivers to potentially drive less and earn more. Plus it can be quite stress free. Throughout this article, we will use assume that driver is on Bronze tier and going for 100 trips Why Bronze tier? This is the most basic tier and also I believe this article will be more beneficial to the newer drivers than the senior drivers. This scheme may not be beneficial to senior or “hardcore” drivers and I will explain why later. Let us dive deeper into this

Net Earnings Guarantee

Drivers have to note that this guarantee is not a an addition to your fare earnings. It is just a top-up to your earnings and incentives. For instance, if after 100 trips for the week, your net fare earnings is $900 and incentive is $100,  Uber will top-up $100 so that your Net Earnings is $1, 100. If your fare earnings for the 100 trips is $1, 200, there will be no to-up from Uber.

Net Earnings Per Trip

So for the Bronze tier at 100 trips, $1, 100 Net Earnings. This works out to be an average of $11 net per trip.

Your Strategy

For drivers going for this scheme, your primary objective is to complete the 100 trips as fast as possible. Remember that you want to more short trips so than you can save petrol and also minimize your hours on the road.

Avoid Morning Peak Hours

For this scheme, drivers do not have to chase for boost or surge. Remember, the average net fare per trip is $11. If your fare is higher than this, anything above $11 is used to “subsidize” your other trips. Why avoid morning peak hours? Well, due to traffic conditions, on average, you can only do 2 trips per hour. If you are lucky 3 trips per hour. If you are unlucky, 1 trip per hour only. And if you do get a trip to CBD in the morning, you may need to drive to the fringes of CBD for your next trip and this takes up time.


As much as I can to avoid this, unfortunately, UberPool is one way to quickly scale up your trip count. You can find read in other Facebook groups on how drivers try to get a matched UberPool trip. I will not dwell on this further. The good thing is that this week is the school holiday break, so usually there will be more UberPool requests.

Lunch Crowd

This is a good set of riders you can target because usually the trips are to nearby eateries or shopping malls. Smart drivers will know where to go to target this lunch crowd.  So within the 2 hours, you may be able to get 5 to 6 trips. Over 5 days, that is at least 25 trips

Evening Crowd

This is the time where you need to work your ass off. Again, I must emphasize that you are not going for surge, boost or long trips. Avoid going to CBD during the evening peak because of the traffic to get to your pick-up location and also to get out of it. Go to the heartland areas and target places such as MRT stations and shopping malls. The trips here are usually what I call “last mile journey”. They are short trips that riders take to home. And more often than not, after promo codes, riders pay only $1 or $2. An air-conditioned car all to themselves is much more appealing than taking a feeder bus home at a fraction of the cost more!

Set Destination

This is a “hack” that was shared with me recently by a fellow Uber driver. I will not reveal too much on this. Hey! Part of the fun is discovering new things yourself right? Play around with the Set Destination function and you may get 3 to 5 trips each time. That is at least 6 trips a day. Have fun! Above are just some recommendations for those going for UberCLUB. I am sure experienced Uber drivers have more tricks up their sleeves

Is UberCLUB really good?

For 100 trips, you roughly need to drive about 7 to 8 hours a day for 6 days, 1 off day. For 125 trips, it is about 9 to 10 hours a day, 1 off day. Lets do the maths now. Below is an example of how I derive the Net Income

For the lowest tier of Bronze driver with 100 trips,

Net Guarantee Earning  : $1, 100 Minus rental                     : -$420 ($60 x 7) Minus Petrol                     : -$100 Net Income  1 week         : $580 Net income 4 weeks        : $2, 330

For the highest tier of Platinum driver with 125 trips,

Net Guarantee Earning  : $1, 700 Minus rental                     : -$420 ($60 x 7) Minus Petrol                     : -$120 Net Income 1 week          : $1, 160 Net income 4 weeks        : $4, 640 (These are just rough estimates of driving hours, daily car rental cost and petrol It may vary for every driver) To simplify things : Bronze tier net income 100 trips : $580 weekly, $2, 320 monthly 125 trips : $860 weekly, $3, 440 monthly Platinum tier net income 100 trips : $880 weekly, $3, 520 monthy 125 trips : $1, 160 weekly, $4, 640 monthly So there you have it! hope this will help you to decide whether  UberCLUB is worth aiming for. One of the intangible benefit is that your drive is stress-free as you don’t have to worry about surge or boost areas! You also can avoid congested peak hour areas. If you like what you read, please follow me on Facebook here.

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